I’m originally from New Zealand and now spend my days in Northern Ireland. I left my job as a Secondary School Music Teacher at ACG Strathallan to go travelling in 2011. After starting in London I ended up moving over to Northern Ireland and between my UK and Irish Visa I spent 3 years travelling, working, gigging and learning a whole new way to speak the same language in a different way.

I met Willy and his son Bayley in Moira, where we have now settled after marrying in New Zealand in 2014. Our family of three soon became a family of five with the arrival of our twin sons Ryan and Harry in 2015. Along with music, family and general ciaos we also have an Engineering company ‘McKee Engineering Solutions Ltd’ which is also based in Moira.

Rose Acoustic? My full name is Guinevere Rose McKee. Most people can’t pronounce my first name… So I simplified… Enjoy!

Photography: Laura Parkinson