You’re married, you’ve had your picture taken a billion times and you’re ready for the party.

Walk in Song - The MC will call you in once all the guests are seated. Having a song to walk in on is not a must have but is less awkward than silence.

Meal Background Music - If you’ve ever been to a really quiet restaurant you’ll know what I mean when I say a bit of background music will set a bit of ambience. If you have a DJ or even just someone dealing with the music all they need to do is fade it up and down during speeches and you’re grand.


Everyone has eaten, speeches are done the Music is now really important. Here is what you want to think about:

Your Guests - You know these people… Are they dancers? Are they foot tappers? How old are they?

Your Budget - This part can get expensive.

Room Size - Is your room big, small spread out.

You - What do you want?

Lights - Lights are a game changer. Make sure whoever you hire has lights or the venue has lights and turn the main lights down.

The best weddings I’ve been are not necessarily the most expensive or most luxurious but the ones where you don’t even mean to get up and cut some of those questionable dance moves.

If you have a big room you can definitely have a band of some sort. A soloist might get lost in a big room but what a soloist might do is set a less expensive party vibe and pave the way for a band or DJ. I’ve found people tend to be a bit reluctant to dance from the get go but if an acoustic guitarist can get people even singing along from their seats you’re probably in for a good night.

Finally, a good DJ should have everyone up dancing. They know all the tunes that you want to hear and they should be sending your guests home humming that last tune.